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Data storage solutions, archiving

Data storage and archive solutions can help you retain data throughout its lifecycle, extending the life of your data is the most cost-efficient solution to support your data storage and archiving strategy for business needs.

Data storage solutions

In digital media and broadcasting, many tasks must be accomplished, ranging from ingesting raw content, editing, mastering, broadcasting and archiving the completed work. This workflow includes creation, duplication, transfer, storing, securing and archiving of the data.

Our broadcast data storage solutions portfolio consist of the following brands:

Infortrend offers a wide range of storage products and solutions which incorporate leading technologies to achieve high performance, reliability and ease of use. Supporting storage protocols including Fibre Channel, iSCSI, SAS, SATA and SCSI, Infortrend products and solutions can be readily implemented in storage area networks (SAN), direct attached storage (DAS), and network attached storage (NAS) environments. Additionally, to meet top-tier application needs across business environments, our products and solutions are tested compatible with enterprise-level operating systems (OS) such as Windows® Server 2008, Solaris®, Linux®, IBM AIX®, HP-UX®, and server virtualization software such as VMware® Oracle®, Citrix® and Microsoft Hyper-V.

Increased demand for higher-quality content and multiplatform distribution is testing the limits of today’s storage solutions and putting pressure on media companies to move sophisticated workflows to more adaptive and flexible environments.Imagine Communications offers multi-petabyte scalable, state-of-the-art storage solutions to suit every application and budget, enabling media companies to improve the performance of their current workflows, and enhance their storage resources to accommodate next-generation market requirements.

Dell EMC sells data storage, information security, virtualization, analytics, cloud computing and other products and services that enable organizations to store, manage, protect, and analyze data. Dell EMC’s target markets include large companies and small- and medium-sized businesses across various vertical markets. Explore Dell EMC enterprise IT Transformation products to transform IT with data storage, converged infrastructure, servers and data protection solutions.

Harmonic’s MediaGrid is an ideal fit for digital media applications requiring shared, real-time storage, such as ingest, playout, archive, edit-in-place, collaborative editing, transcoding and over-the-top (OTT) adaptive bitrate streaming. Simple to deploy, manage and scale, MediaGrid storage accelerates file-based workflows and provides the ability to manage the entire asset lifecycle. The system reduces the cost of storing media nearline, making it practical to economically deploy multi-petabyte digital media libraries and archives for video on demand (VOD) and other applications.

Supermicro SuperStorage solutions present a number of key benefits to customers working with CPU-Intensive Storage, Virtual Storage, Single-Instance Storage and Data Deduplication, Data Replication and Business Continuity, and Virtual Tape Library customer environments.
New-generation X11 Supermicro SuperStorage systems support node-based deployment strategies where CPU and HDD capacity scale together, or deployments can be expanded using JBODs for improved economy. The Supermicro SuperStorage systems offer a no-compromise storage platform with flexible market entry points from 2U, 3U, and 4U form factors using 2.5″ or 3.5″ SSDs/HDDs.

HPE 3PAR midrange and high-end: Raising the bar in the all-flash data center
with twice the performance and density, it’s the undisputed critical capabilities leader for Hybrid IT and can now consolidate legacy gear 18:1.
HPE Nimble Storage: Radically simple and cloud ready leverages flash storage and predictive analytics to deliver fast and reliable access to data. Predictive analytics from HPE InfoSight predict and prevent issues to help deliver greater than 99.9999% guaranteed availability1 and resolves 86% of issues2 before you even know there’s a problem.

Bright Technologies specializes in high-speed, low latency, SAN and NAS appliances specifically designed for demanding digital workflows in post-production and broadcast. Solutions include high-performance dedicated severs to SAN and NAS “all-in-one” solutions designed with the lowest latency and smallest footprint. Software include Bright DataMover, Bright DataOptimizer and BrightClip recording technology for optimal file sequencing of media files, delivering the highest levels of predictability and reliability. All Bright appliances include our unique diagnostic software suite for quick issue isolation maximizing up-time.

ATTO Technology, Inc., has been a global leader across the IT and media and entertainment markets, specializing in storage and network connectivity and infrastructure solutions for the most data-intensive computing environments. ATTO works collaboratively with partners to deliver a wide range of end-to-end, customized solutions to better store, manage and deliver big data. With a focus toward markets that require higher performance and with a dedication to working as an extension of customer’s design teams, ATTO manufacturers host and RAID adapters, network adapters, storage controllers, Thunderbolt™ enabled adapters and software. ATTO solutions provide a high level of connectivity to all storage interfaces, including Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, iSCSI, 40/10GbE, NVMe and Thunderbolt.

Get as much performance as you need; connect more suites; edit new 4K and 8K as well VR stereoscopic video formats. Adapt to new resolutions and bitrates on a moment’s notice. Tiger Store lets you start small with a single NAS server and connect more servers (or high-speed clients) to the same storage to deliver more performance. While you can use internal or external storage, external RAID enclosures will ensure maximum flexibility. The High-Availability (HA) option provides the transparent failover that lets you build a solution with no single point of failure.

Creating, managing and delivering engaging content is harder than ever. Higher resolution, tighter production schedules, global teams and expanding delivery options are pushing the boundaries of workflow efficiency. The need for highly scalable and globally accessible storage to catalog, collaborate, distribute and archive rich digital media content has never been greater.
Fast ingest and global access to current and past projects make collaborating easier.  See how our solutions accelerate post production workflow, simplify digital asset management, and distribute content more effectively.

Each Scale Logic storage, archive, backup and disaster recovery solution has a time-tested history of making work easier, more efficient and more profitable for thousands of customers worldwide. With each new advancement, our team addresses an emerging need for the industry and solves our customers’ challenges creatively and effectively.

Archiving solutions

Archiving solutions allow for easy integration with media library storage systems and scheduling systems to ensure media is ready when it’s needed, with automated backup and content restoration procedures

Our archiving solutions portfolio consist of the following brands:


To meet the ever-growing demands for managing, storing and repurposing digital content, Sony’s robust, long-term solutions maximize flexibility, scalability, reliability, and performance. From freelancer to national broadcaster, Sony has what you need to overcome the challenges of both today and tomorrow. Their Optical Disc Archive and mass storage and archive solutions equip the professional broadcast and pro A/V industries with total peace of mind.

XenData is a developer and provider of massively scalable on-premises and public cloud data storage systems.
Their data storage systems are installed in over 90 countries. Customers that  use their products for media and entertainment storage applications include TV stations, video production companies, post-production organizations and the media departments of large corporations and government organizations. Their products are ideal for a wide range of applications that need high capacity storage including creative video, medical imaging and many engineering or scientific projects.