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Satellite, OTT, IP, 4G signal distribution
Satellite, OTT, IP signal distribution

As network speeds and bandwidth increased, demand shifted to include the ability for sending actual audio, video and control signals over a network and satellite. This signal transport capability is the general concept of IP signal distribution.

Our Satellite, OTT, IP signal distribution  portfolio

consist of the following brands:

Newtec is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing equipment and technologies for satellite communications. As a pioneer in the industry, Newtec is dedicated to creating new possibilities for the broadcast, consumer and enterprise VSAT, government and defense, cellular backhaul and trunking and mobility, offshore and maritime markets.

Imagine Communications can help satellite operators expand and enhance their video distribution capabilities. Our cloud-based video aggregation and distribution solutions, along with advanced advertising management capabilities, allow satellite operators to expand existing service portfolios and explore new monetization opportunities via over-the-top access.

Teracue GmbH manufactures professional IPTV, IP-video and streaming solutions. The main products are for encoding, decoding and managing video streams – for IP-video based contribution and distribution. Our products are deployed by major broadcasters, universities, CDN networks and in government, military and health care projects around the world.

Utilizing the software-based Harmonic PURE Compression Engine™, DTH operators can process and distribute SD, HD and UHD video for both broadcast and OTT multiscreen delivery with amazing efficiency. Harmonic multiscreen video solutions give DTH operators the tools to stream high-quality live and VOD content to TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Having developed technologies and products across the Broadcasting chain (signal encoding, microwave links, transmitters, radiation systems) means to be able to support Partners in every respect, with open and effective sharing of expertise and global solutions.

DVEO supplies H.264 Transport Stream Encoders Decoders and Transcoders for Live Streaming IPTV Broadcast Cable and Telco market with MPEG-2 and H.264 transport stream based live streamers modulators complying with IPTV OTT Mobile IP and QAM 8VSB DVB-S-S2 DVB-T2 ETR290 DVB ASI SDI video and audio.

Erstream is providing high-end video solutions and providing their customers a flexible, scalable, reliable architecture to expand their needs. They are helping Digital Platforms, Pay TV Operators, TV Channels to monetize and distributing their contents individually with anywhere, anytime experience.

Elecard expertise is video analysis – codec/bitstream structure analysis, TS analysis, and monitoring of a live video.
If you want to implement dvb broadcast and OTT/IPTV projects; monitoring QoS/QoE parameters while the stream is being delivered over networks is essential –
packet loss, jitters, bitrates, TS media container problems, can be monitored and more.

4G signal distribution equipment

Terrestrial TV is today delivered by means of broadcasting, whereas Mobile TV and other mobile video is delivered via cellular networks using unicasting where each user is served by a separate video stream.

Our 4G signal distribution portfolio consists of:

Mobile Viewpoint bonds any available IP networks such as 3G / 4G & LTE networks, as well as WiFi, WiMax, Ethernet and Satellite, in order to broadcast to air or online, including mobile devices. Set up is simple and quick, allowing for live transmission within minutes, to television, the web and the cloud and allows for complete control and content management with any organization.

Ikusnet ENG is a multi-purpose HD/SD Mpeg4 AVC/H.264 bidirectional portable IP video and audio codec that can broadcast live from anywhere, at anytime, supporting ad-hoc bandwidth aggregation of up to 10 links (3G/4G/Dual-Ethernet/Wi-Fi) with a statistical real-time load-balancing algorithm that assures best possible network utilization, reducing jitter and packet losses.